• A Song About You

    If I could write a song
    I’d write a song about you

    I would write about how... more »

  • Abandoned Smiles

    I wake up in the mornin’,
    A heart filled with nightmares.
    Rollin over with a sigh,
    Wishin’ sleep was endless.... more »

  • Alive Again

    Through those hazel eyes
    You told me something
    I’ve never heard before.
    You showed me that love was real.... more »

  • And I Thank You

    Down came the rain,
    With my never-ending tears.
    Down came the pain,
    Lighting up all of my fears.... more »

  • Beautiful Girl

    My beautiful girl,
    I fear life without you.
    Baby girl I need you,
    Cause I don't know what I'm going to do without you.... more »

  • Before Friends Expire

    We’re two boxers in a ring
    Fighting to live before we all expire
    Fighting for our life
    To reach the end, finishing all that’s required... more »

  • Beside Her

    She drifts in and out
    Of a life she doesn’t want to live
    Someone holds her hand
    Someone stands there beside her... more »

  • Bottom Of The Day

    I don't got a lot to say
    Cause I'm at the bottom of the day
    I do'nt know if I can make it
    Make it through this endless day... more »

  • Broken Love

    -to matt sevey-

    As I lay here, after a while
    O that one night, still makes me smile.... more »

  • Casey, Just One Chance

    I’ve fallen for many guys,
    All musicians, tell me why?
    My heart falls over,
    When I always met their eyes,... more »

  • Caught Between Two Guys

    Tell me tell me tell me,
    Tell me what to do.
    Cause I’m lost I’m lost I’m lost,
    And don’t know what to do.... more »

  • Christmas Without You

    Christmas time is here
    A time for holiday,
    A time for cheer.
    I sit back and watch from a far,... more »

  • Coming Home

    That day you walked away,
    I remember it like it was just yesterday.
    The tears, the fears,
    The pain of seeing you with her,... more »

  • Darkest Night

    He comes silently.
    Taking what he wants violently.
    Nothing had been seen,
    She was only fifteen.... more »

  • Don'T Come Home To Me

    I can’t think of you
    Without thinking of what you did to me
    I can’t think of you
    Without thinking of the army... more »

  • Fustration

    Hours alone staring at keys, black and white.
    Days on days with the guitar I’d fight.
    Nothing ever comes out the way I want it to,
    And when it does... more »

  • He Couldn'T Take No

    I’d sit down and write you a song,
    But right now I’m not sure what’s right,
    And what’s wrong.
    Things spun out of control so fast,... more »

  • Hold On

    Hold on to me.
    For I’ll be there
    For ever and ever,
    So just hold on, hold on to me.... more »

  • Hopeless Love

    We talk almost everyday
    Cause you're in my life, but not for long.
    Our friendship will be over
    As soon as your band plays.... more »

  • I Called You A Friend

    -to alice philbrick-

    I called you a friend,
    But not again I will call... more »

  • Is It True?

    Sometimes I wonder if it’s true,
    Is the sky really blue?
    Light to dark blue?
    Or if it’s just a dream,... more »

  • Just A Dream

    Someone call me up
    And tell me this is all a dream
    Tell me it isn’t me
    Tell me this isn’t my life... more »

  • 'Just A Horse'

    From time to time,
    People tell me 'lighten up, it's just a horse.'
    From time to time
    People tell me, ' a lot of money spent'... more »

  • Just One More Time

    I want to see you just one more time.
    I want to hear your heart beating,
    To see your eyes laughing,
    To feel your arms around me.... more »

  • Leave Me Alone Cas

    Hey Cas, remember that song
    I sung for you a while ago?
    It went something like this,
    Something like this,... more »