• La Fleur

    I thought you hated me
    You made me wish I'd never been planted
    and in moments of wind and rain
    I wished that you'd cut me down... more »

  • My Box

    I have this box
    filled with a muddle of objects
    from people I’ve met or places I’ve been
    Sometimes I open my box to let people... more »

  • River Dream

    Im dreaming im floating down the Yangtze
    Intertwined with my past
    and reaching out to catch my future
    The banks of the river are plagued by beautiful orchards... more »

  • Virtual Desire

    I lie in a new bed awake
    In the realisation that I have remained faithful to only one other
    For a quarter of my life.
    But tonight I crave this new bodily warmth and... more »