• Addicted

    Can't stop thinking of you
    Don't know what to do
    I'm addicted to you
    My heart beats faster... more »

  • All Alone

    Why can't you see me
    Am I invisible all the sudden
    I no longer exist in your life
    Well thats how it seems... more »

  • Anti-Drug

    Love is a drug
    And I swear I've had to much
    My heart is beating really fast
    My head keeps spinning... more »

  • Anymore

    When I sleep I dream
    I dream of you and me
    And how we use to be
    We had done many wonders... more »

  • Boys

    Boys are so confusing
    Never know what they are feeling
    Never know what there thinking
    But yet we love our own... more »

  • Broken Hearts&&Torn Up Letters

    Broken Hearts
    And torn up letter
    You can not hide
    Yourself forever... more »

  • Cut

    Cut to bleed
    Cut to feel
    Cut to know this is real
    Cut to see... more »

  • Cut To Deep

    Blood dripping from her wrist
    Trying to remember why she slit
    Cold tears slowly fall from her broken eyes
    Why is she always wanting to die... more »

  • Fade Away

    My tears keep falling
    More each day
    Your killing me slowly
    And your everything watching me fade away... more »

  • Free

    I want to run away
    To a plce where I am free
    This life has caught me
    Strangling me to death... more »

  • Going Crazy

    Going crazy right now
    Need some help real bad
    He wont leave my mind
    And I dont know why... more »

  • Gone For Good

    I lay in bed htinking of you
    Dreaminf of you
    WOndering why this has happened
    What had gone so wrong to bring us here... more »

  • Im Sorry

    Love is what you feel for me
    As I've relized these past days
    You Love me as much as I love you
    But right now I have to chose... more »

  • Let Me Be

    What do you want from me
    Do you like the fact that im un-happy
    Why can't you let me free
    You play me like a fool... more »

  • Let You Go

    Sitting Here
    Thinking of You
    Dreaming of You
    What am I to do?... more »

  • Little Kid

    I Wanna be a little kid again
    Skinned knees Healed quicker
    Than Broken Hearts
    I use to cry over broken toys... more »

  • Me, My Fragile Self And I

    Me, My fragile self and I
    Are sitting in the corner
    Hoping to Die... more »

  • Meant To Me

    Running down my fingers
    Cold, Dark and Bland
    Will you ever love me
    As much as I demand... more »

  • Memories

    Wish some memories
    Would just disappear
    Especially the ones of you
    Everytime I remember one... more »

  • One And Only

    I don't know how to say it
    How to say, how much you mean to me
    I close my eyes
    And your all I can see... more »

  • Over You

    I want to forget you so badly
    It's killing me slowly
    You wont leave my mind
    Your forever in my heart... more »

  • Pain

    Shes smiling on the outside
    Doesn't want anyone to know
    The pain she is really feeling
    Cause on the inside she is dying... more »

  • Story Of My Life

    Story of my life
    Always being sad
    Can never find the right man
    Totally obsessed... more »

  • Tattered&&Torn

    Love was once a fairytale
    A fairytale to me
    Which I never believed in
    Never thought it would come true... more »

  • This Girl

    This girl
    She has been blinded
    For way too long
    In a love that never lasted... more »