• A Movement Away

    She loves another
    My heart takes cover
    Fearful I am
    Of holding her hand... more »

  • Adrian Sanchez Jr.

    19 years was too short a time for you to be with us
    But you’re in a better place now cousin, In God We Trust

    You’re up in Heaven above the clouds... more »

  • Alone

    Alone I sit here, scenic beauty
    I feel special, in the moody
    Empty desks around me, the smell of something new
    Wishing it surrounds me, in hopes of empty too... more »

  • Blue Bird

    Today I saw a real blue bird
    Flying through the woods
    The bird looked majestic
    This flying creature looked good... more »

  • Bring On Graduation

    Tomorrow is the day that I will dress up in red
    Inside my head are thoughts of great dread
    Sure for the past four years I've been going strong
    Now lately I seem to barely be getting along... more »

  • Calm Steady

    You came into my life on four twenty four
    Before I had you with me it was hard to leave my door
    You are with me and inside my system now
    So there are no more questions of how... more »

  • Dreams

    I wonder what other people dream about when they fall asleep
    I would have no idea, because in their heads is where they keep
    Their dreams, their goals, or hearts or souls
    What keeps them alive and feeling whole... more »

  • Her

    Her hair is as the midnight air
    Her eyes are bright, as golden as the sunrise
    Her smile is beauty wrapped in sunshine
    Her hands are silky, soft at the touch... more »

  • I Need A Job

    I've been trying for about a month now
    No one seems to want me somehow
    Thirteen years of school for nothing?
    I'd rather have a job or something... more »

  • I Wonder

    I wonder what I’m doing here
    I’m just sitting, clearly that’s clear
    I wonder of this scenic atmosphere
    I’m quite enchanted being here... more »

  • Know

    Doves on my shoulders
    Bread in my head
    Big rocks are boulders
    Snakeskin is shed... more »

  • Love.

    I can't stop thinking about you.
    Love, I can't stop sleeping without you.

    Love I cannot see breathing without you.... more »

  • My Friends

    My friends have forsaken me, I've been betrayed
    Much to my disbelief, much to my dismay
    What could I possibly have done to be hung up to dry?
    They've washed me away, not a pigment in their eyes... more »

  • My Home

    “Home, Sweet Home, ” what do those words mean to me?
    The only home I’ve encountered, isn’t a mansion by the sea
    It’s not a trailer with cheap cable TV... more »

  • My Innerself

    It begins with laughter
    and it ends with tears
    That's how it's been
    the past few years... more »

  • My Poem About Deception

    Strewn along to believe the lies of the unjust
    Put faith into the wrong accord, I have misplaced my trust
    Through rusted pipes of lies there lay dead dreams below us
    Never connecting webs together, they say I shouldn’t fuss... more »

  • Never Accepted

    So I tried and I tried and I tried
    Seriously, I honestly tried 3 times
    I asked them nicely, please give me a chance?
    None doing.... more »

  • Never Ends

    Like a wild beast inside me that eats away inside
    My feelings aren’t hidden; there is no place to hide

    The world was overtaking and running me dry... more »

  • New Day

    I turn into a monster with non-human traits
    I alter my mind until I can’t think straight
    Every day I tell myself that things will change or get better... more »

  • Night Chamber

    Silently breathing in the night
    At times confusion conquers
    I raise a goblet of purified water... more »

  • Oh My

    I used to see you in commercials
    I thought you weren't real
    Now I see you before me
    Your beauty I can plainly see... more »

  • Poem Prompt

    Roses will bleed
    Violets will cry
    When you broke my heart
    I wanted to die... more »

  • Proud

    I was laying there in my misery
    She sped up and she said to me

    I will destroy you, your essence will be gone... more »

  • R.H.C.

    Here I am inside this building; I’ve been here a million times before
    When I walk in they know exactly who I am, upon closing of the door
    I know the seats, I know the doors
    I know the counters, I know more... more »

  • Reality Checks

    I look in the mirror and I see depression
    It’s time to put out my confession
    There’s a lot to learn in life, so we are taught a lesson... more »