Most of the people that know me call me and know me by Jesse Tampa, so naturally that's my pen name. Why do I write poetry? It's what I do. I have a talent somewhere. I didn't teach myself to write. When I was in 3rd grade, I failed the F-CAT writes, and I'm pretty sure it was because I mentioned God in my essay. I got a 1.5 and almost had to do the 3rd grade all over again. If it wasn't for summer school, my eggs and bacon would have been toast! I went to summer school and I re-took the F-CAT writes after 3 weeks or so of being taught how to write a good essay. I was very happy that because of summer school I was able to pass and not fail 3rd grade. I took that test and I got a 3 on it. I passed 3rd grade and was able to continue on my path in life. My failure on the F-CAT writes is what inspired me and pushed me to be a better writer in the long run. To ask, 'Jesse, if you had passed that test the first time around, would being such a good writer be so important to you? ' The answer is no. If I had passed the first time, I wouldn't care so much about my writing. It is an emotional and sentimental thing. So now when I write, I want to make sure that it is the best it can possibly be, and if it isn't, I try to make it better. I strive to achieve and I have a need to succeed. My failure is what brought this out in me. I wasn't very big on poetry until 2004, and honestly most of my work is written. What I have posted so far is my latest and newest works, if I feel like it, I will type and post my works from 2004-2005. I stopped writing poetry religiously in 2006, and I didn't pick it back up again until now. May of 2007 being now. If you would like to know more about me, just ask. Here are the facts, I am Mexican-American, and I am very much about my heritage and my culture. I am proud of all of the hard work my parents have done in order to raise me and allow me to be what I have become today. Where do I get my inspiration from? I get my inspiration from life. Sometimes it's good, some times it is bad. I write about what I know though. Or I could also write about what I research or what I am told about. I think I am a pretty good writer. I hope to one day publish an entire book of my own original works. Perhaps this website can help me in doing so. If any publishers read and like my work, or if anyone passes my work along to anyone else and would like to contact me for publication purposes, my e-mail is

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I wonder what other people dream about when they fall asleep
I would have no idea, because in their heads is where they keep
Their dreams, their goals, or hearts or souls
What keeps them alive and feeling whole... more »

Night Chamber

Silently breathing in the night
At times confusion conquers
I raise a goblet of purified water... more »

Poem Prompt

Roses will bleed
Violets will cry
When you broke my heart
I wanted to die... more »

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