For most, I am a Mathematician. And yes, I write poems in my spare time (which is relatively infinite) . So, in a way, I could say I am a bored Mathematician.


Jessel Jane Tevar Toring Poems

*in His Eyes

In his eyes are empty wells
where waters only flow endless
when I stare;
and in his eyes are dark skies... more »

*heart, Believe Me

Heart, believe me.
That was just a night...
How fool it is for my mind
to linger his words this way;... more »

*silent Confession

The hands that write what lips would dare not say
and eyes that mock what mind would dare to play
of nights lost in the deepest thoughts of him
that dares to say the holiest name of names.... more »

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Geovanni Leaño 10 Feb 2008 03:44
Hmmm... I'm just new here but i can already say that Jane is a nice person! ^_^ i'm really proud of this girl being a Filipina! ahehe... pinoy din ako XD Thanks for the comments! -GanNi