• *a Little While Eternal

    Tell him i love to make these words
    a song with his luscious lips...
    and make the rhythm of my heart
    be mellow music to his ears.... more »

  • *cessation~

    The beauty mirrored upon my hands
    was bound to pen my wasted days;
    these hands that envied Browning's
    " How do I love thee.. let me count the ways"... more »

  • *for Him

    I love him that never loved me
    till love turned to drifting wind in my dream.
    I weep for him that never wept for me
    till tears became cold snows in my dream.... more »

  • *game Of Generals (将棋)

    My heart is up for quite some beats
    Im trading silvers and golds.
    The generals, knights, and bishops meet
    To fight for love fate sadly holds.... more »

  • *heart, Believe Me

    Heart, believe me.
    That was just a night...
    How fool it is for my mind
    to linger his words this way;... more »

  • *in His Eyes

    In his eyes are empty wells
    where waters only flow endless
    when I stare;
    and in his eyes are dark skies... more »

  • *silent Confession

    The hands that write what lips would dare not say
    and eyes that mock what mind would dare to play
    of nights lost in the deepest thoughts of him
    that dares to say the holiest name of names.... more »

  • *the Mourners

    Weeping for ones who in darkness lie,
    the ones who in distress have sold their helpless souls;
    for ones who have been born only to die...
    perhaps for ones they never knew at all.... more »

  • ..To Be Forever With You Never

    When I was but a withered leaf,
    where art thou my love?
    When air was scarce, I hardly breathe...
    When I longed for you to be there,... more »

  • A Convent Of Goodbyes

    A convent of undead thoughts,
    A cloister of lyrics.
    An abyss of unrecalled
    Verses. Free verses... more »

  • A Separate World

    A world within this world...
    a world apart from this;
    apart from all forms void of peace...
    from turmoil, grief, from morbid space.... more »

  • A Willing Prey

    As if a hungry lion could tell a lamb
    to stay away and run,
    I could not to you.
    How could I? I need you.... more »

  • A Worn-Out Repertoire

    Tired of hearing
    the monologue of my head;
    consuming every thought,
    corroding every memory,... more »

  • Across The Road

    To cross or not to cross
    was all I thought
    when I saw her face across the road.
    Her eyes was set as though she lost her soul,... more »

  • Adelaida

    She's a flower in the desert
    thirsting for the living water;
    Her petals start to fall
    with the burning sun scorching her,... more »

  • An Epilogue To Faith

    What am I without thee?
    What will I be?
    Oh just but dust;
    to dust shalt I return.... more »

  • Another Epilogue To Faith

    If thou can move mountains
    canst thou move my heart for me?
    That it may beat the way it should be.... more »

  • Beautiful Pain

    When laughter could not spell the feeling, don't.
    When smiles are script you know so well, stop.
    When pillows cease to be stones, stand;
    for to escape mourning, one must mourn.... more »

  • Borrowed Euphoria

    Your hand-
    I touched your hand,
    so good it felt with mine;
    unnatural, I could but smile.... more »

  • Bridging Hearts

    To cross or not to cross that bridge
    I sat, as my hair and my thoughts go against the rage of the wind.
    I told the skies I'd lend him a portion of my stars for he has none.
    He ignored me coldly.... more »

  • Bridled Passions

    Is an eye a distraction
    to the souls whose owned by the heavens?
    When their eyes met, did others notice
    that their souls have warred, yet their hearts united;... more »

  • Burnt Beauty

    I used to envy her.
    When she walk, the butterflies
    and all the eyes go with her.
    Her lips have danced... more »

  • Canvas

    I painted all my life...
    just to be praised by the world.
    Till you came - like the heat of the flame,
    you stayed with me to hold.... more »

  • Chevalier D'Industrie

    One night,
    one blissful night...
    you crept inside my soul;
    you stole my heart and went away... more »

  • Dance With Me

    Your shadow danced over my head
    a classical ballet;
    filling my heart with treading steps
    in a renaissance play.... more »