• All It Was

    As if all it is or was to be
    You look inside my soul and set me free
    And on again with new memories
    You Melt the coldness... more »

  • Fallen Raindrops

    Rain drops fall
    Thoughts of you
    Inside a whisper
    Lingering... more »

  • Lost Trust

    ... more »

  • Lost You

    As I close my eyes
    The thoughts inside
    Overtake my mind
    I can still feel your touch... more »

  • Obscene Thoughts

    If it seems to obscene
    Unheard or unseen
    To be set free
    Indeed it could be.... more »

  • Stranger

    Doesn’t seem that strange to me
    As if it were some past memory
    No time to call no time to wait
    On to the next, it’s hard to hesitate... more »

  • Surprised?

    Don’t be surprised
    When u see my disguise
    Truth resides
    Behind these eyes... more »