• A Morning Image

    The sun its up and its shining
    the birds are chirping
    and not a single cloud
    in the sky... more »

  • Feelings

    How can you
    control your feelings
    when feelings they come
    and go... more »

  • Friends Are They Real

    Here again
    making the same
    over and over... more »

  • Goodbye

    When you said goodbye
    i started to cry
    i couldn't help it
    i couldn't stop... more »

  • Hurtful Words

    It's surprising how someones words
    can cause you so much pain
    so much tears, so much hate
    sometimes they don't mean to... more »

  • I Feel You

    I see you cry
    I see you suffer
    I see you struggle
    I feel your pain... more »

  • Ill Be There

    If i see you smile
    ill smile with you
    if i see you happy
    then our day is almost perfect... more »

  • Love

    You hear it all the time
    You see it really rarely
    you say you don't believe in it
    saying there's no such thing... more »

  • Nothing Changes

    The same problem
    the same place
    the same people
    nothing changes... more »

  • Remembering You And I

    The picture of your
    beautiful unbelievable eyes
    are still on my mind
    going back thru memories... more »

  • The Ocean

    In the deep blue ocean
    i dream and think
    is where i most
    find calm and peace... more »

  • The Words I Love You

    You say the words i love you
    but you don't really mean it
    You say you going to see your friends
    really you going to see your other girl... more »

  • Who Will It Be

    My love who it is
    it's like a mystery
    it seems to be hiding
    in a place that is unknown... more »