All throughout highschool I wrote anything from poetry to short stories to scripts. Instead of doing my homework or classwork I would literally fill every minute with lines of emotional chaos.
I created this 5 years ago and wow have I grown!
Looking at all the poems I posted back in 06 and 07, I realized how horribly depressed I was. It sort of makes me want to cry because I just thought thats how life would always be. Now I have given my life to God and the passed 3 years have drastically changed. Even if i wanted to write about depressing things, I couldn't. So If i do continue to post anything again, dont expect the old Jess...cuz she no longer exists. :)


Jessica C. Galvan Poems

Fairy Tale (Age 14)

'Above the shadow is the moon no further then the sun
As I sit under the big willow hoping a Fairy Tale has begun
Giant stars flutter through the sky as graceful as a dove
Hoping the everlasting Elf will find his true love... more »

Flightless (Age 16)

*On that glorious night an 'Angel' appeared
With eyes as green as the exotic mountains
The 'Angel' sparkled like the beautiful stars that the world got trapped beneathe
Soaring through the gental hum of the night breeze... more »

Realizing Life (Age 17)

'I walked down the path
the long path alone
I was alone
So many thoughts were running through my mind... more »

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Konjit Berhane 25 Aug 2006 10:46
Jessica is one of the giVTed poet on this site...and Girl i hope some day you will Make it to HOOLywOOd BaBy...i am sure u is just a MatteR of time peace **KoNi**