Most of the poetry I write is written from personal experience. That's what how I think poetry should be though. If it's not from the heart then it really isn't good poetry. I like writing poetry because it helps me express myself and if I feel my poetry is good enough then I will usually show it to the people i write the poem about.


Jessica Canerday Poems

Into My Eyes

You took me by surprise
when I stared into your eyes
making me see
how you can be... more »

Fictious Love

Your body pressed against mine this starry night
This one night of drunken passion
Your eyes are sparkling as bright as the moonlight
This night is the night I love... more »

Pretty Boy Hates Every Beautiful Day

All the girls love him
All the guys wish to be like him
But pretty boy hates every beautiful day
Star of the baseball team... more »

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