I'm a girl that is in love with reading and writing poetry! I'm the oldest of Two children my parents are divorced. I love writing poems, without poems, I might be a volcanoe ready to blow. Writing poems and drawing pictures, are how I express myself. I'm glad, that there is such a thing as poetry and art. 'Cause without them the world would be blah.
Lately, my inspiration has been a recent argument/break-up with a boyfriend... I loved him a lot. Most of the love poems may be about him, but only one is dedicated to him. Any of the other love poems can be about anybody now!


Jessica Harrington Poems

Never Ending

My parents are always fighting
Never finding a way to stop
Except divorce...they didn't think about the sideaffects for my brother and I
8 years later I'm still splitting my birthdays and the holidays... more »

A Dangerous Love

They both are in love
But she is afraid of him
She un willingly tries to run away
But where she goes, he goes... more »

All I Can Be

I can reach the stars
and shout triumphantly
I only have to answer to myself
I'm all I can be... more »

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