• A Dangerous Love

    They both are in love
    But she is afraid of him
    She un willingly tries to run away
    But where she goes, he goes... more »

  • A Heartbreak For A Lifetime

    I was close
    Close to getting my love
    Before another came
    And took him away... more »

  • A Painful Hurt

    A week away
    A week together
    A week in between, off and on
    A pain during each... more »

  • All I Can Be

    I can reach the stars
    and shout triumphantly
    I only have to answer to myself
    I'm all I can be... more »

  • All I Ever Wanted

    All i ever wanted was a chance with true love
    All I ever was a happily ever after
    I thought you were the one
    But, I was wrong... more »

  • In Love

    Since I met you any sad day, was even more sad without you
    Since I've laid eyes on you, I haven't been able to not think about you
    Since I've heard your voice, It's all I've been hearing
    Since I met you, I've been having stars in my eyes... more »

  • Lonely

    Sitting on the porch on a wet afternoon
    Thinking...thinking about the past
    The past heartbreaks, pains, and happy memories
    Not understanding...understanding life... more »

  • Music Of The Night

    Turn away from the day
    Turn to the night's sweet desire
    Eat the forbidden fruit
    Sweet, 'cause it's forbidden... more »

  • Never Ending

    My parents are always fighting
    Never finding a way to stop
    Except divorce...they didn't think about the sideaffects for my brother and I
    8 years later I'm still splitting my birthdays and the holidays... more »

  • Runaway

    The commands
    The rules
    The suffering
    The pain... more »

  • The Pain Has Returned

    Why is it that the minute I'm better...a week later I'm sick again?
    Sick, with the feeling of missing you, not seeing you
    Don't you understand that I'm trying to get you out of my life?
    Probably not, Probably yes, and just bothering me on purpose... more »

  • Why...?

    Why can't you say sorry?
    Why are you so rude?
    Why are you so nice?
    Why..?... more »

  • Without You I Would Die

    The pain I deal with you... hurts
    My heart breaks when we're apart
    But, together... it's hole and glowing with love... more »