I'm 16; I live in Australia; I'm a Christian; I like to think I'm really creative. I love this site! It's a great way to share poetry with people who are interested in the same thing - and a great way to get 'constructive critisism'. [I really appreciate comments! ! ]
I write about anything, really. Mostly my feelings and experiences. Sometimes, if I feel like it, I'll write something funny that has nothing to do with my life.

My encouragement goes to all those girls [my age] who wanna write what THEY think. You know you're talented, so.. WRITE!


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Possibly The Most Pathetic Poem Ever

i have to write a poem, is that it?
i don't know how to start... more »

Whale Dance

You are growing old,
And your mind is aging too.
Your eyes are nearly closed,
And your moves are slowing, slowing...... more »

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shel cope 02 Feb 2008 04:59
Love your work Jessica. You're a Special One!
Jerry Hughes 05 Jul 2007 06:31
This young lady has wisdom far beyond her tender years, and she writes very well too. Encourage her...