Jessica Kelly Biography

I'm not a writer. I mean, I write. so I suppose in some fashion I am. In which case, anyone who can write is a writer... but you know what I mean. :)
I'm no poet. Sometimes I write down words that arouse feeling, be it joyous or dismal. Sometimes I jot down words that rhyme a little. But either way, whether I'm arousing feeling or rhyming a line, I don't consider myself a poet.
I'm just a girl who likes to write. And so... I do.

A little about me...
I wish I'd read more. I do love to write. I'm silly and a little goofy at times. I have a precious daughter who lights up my life, and, in case you couldn't gather from some of my writings, I have a beautiful son who I placed for adoption a little less than a year ago. Ask me about it. I'll tell you. But you'll have to hear about the saving grace of God in the process. :)