• Daughter

    She is all that I ever wanted, but never knew I did, you know? Her eyes, her smile, her chubby cheeks and baby laughs... all so fun and unblemished. Her eyes see so clear - no one is ugly or old or fat. Her ears cannot decipher the bad words from the good. Her smile is never forced or fake. Her laughter is natural and beautiful and so small, but so big!... more »

  • Don'T Tell Me You'Ve Changed

    Don't smile at me
    and tell me that you're changed.
    My mind is set.
    It cannot be rearranged... more »

  • Faded Blue Jeans

    He's got his hair pulled back
    and his old cap on
    Radio playing a Bob Dylan song
    Cigarette dangling from his lip... more »

  • Fall In Love With You Again

    To fall in love with you,
    is bittersweet.
    I taste it in my mouth,... more »

  • Goodbye, Precious Friend

    I can't believe it happened.
    Can't believe it's real.
    Can't believe the loss and grief
    And sadness we all feel.... more »

  • Haze

    Red haze of a smoke-filled room,
    black night creeping through the cracked windows.
    Where are you?... more »

  • Illiam

    I can't help but believing
    that someday
    You'll understand that when I walked away
    I never really walked away... more »

  • Immortal

    It is a perpetual pain
    that she endures.
    But she endures.... more »

  • In Heat

    Dim lit room
    flower in bloom
    sweat dripping off of pale white skin
    Parting her thighs... more »

  • Just One Day

    The days are growing brighter.
    A light is in my view.
    It seems that I have found again
    the laughter I once knew.... more »

  • Love Of A Woman

    She can't do it all, but she does.
    How do two hands build a life?
    Does she do it on her own?
    How does she get up each morning... more »

  • Much To Do

    A little dizzy-
    from the lack of sleep
    or the glass of Chianti,
    she knows not.... more »

  • My Love

    oh i love him so much.

    he is the one i dance with.
    we are the only ones on the floor. everyone is watching. we're moving like kites or wind socks. we don't know what we're doing. but we look so good together. and we feel so good together. and we don't care about anyone else in the room.... more »

  • Nothing Left

    You left the keys in the door.
    They hung on for dear life,
    praying that some stranger would not take them
    as you took me.... more »

  • See You Again

    My head...
    Chaotic, disarray
    when I heard you were coming home.
    I didn't know what seeing you would mean to me...... more »

  • Single Mother Morning

    Sleepy eyes open,
    Angel face asleep on the pink pillow
    beside her head.... more »