• A Pity Party

    She is beautiful, I am just me
    How could I deny jealousy
    When I see your arm around her waist
    That you used to put around me.... more »

  • Addicted

    i've never experienced addiction
    with desperation or affliction
    but there's no other way to diction-
    this burning in my blood.... more »

  • Did I Dream?

    Did I dream of you?
    The thought of holding you seems so familiar,
    Yet, Impossible with you
    Twelve hundred miles far.... more »

  • Exiled.

    Locked inside his heart
    Is the mem'ry of a girl
    Dancing through his dreams
    With a whisper and a whirl.... more »

  • Expression

    empty, i am so empty
    standing in the middle of a highway
    somewhere that doesn't exsist.
    thy sky spins around my head,... more »

  • Fragment

    I am a child, and it's Christmas,
    And you, a gift
    Wrapped in my blankets,
    Are just opening those baby blues.... more »

  • Free

    He stares at the bare walls
    completely lost to time
    he wanders lonely halls
    slowly losing his mind.... more »

  • Goodbye

    From the edges of my trembling lips
    The word it stumbles, crumbles, slips
    Heavy into the air, it hangs,
    Then crashes down, a ton of bricks.... more »

  • Haiku

    ... more »

  • Heart For Heart.

    I gave away my heart
    And was surprised when I found,
    Later on that night
    My heart trampled on the ground.... more »

  • I Do (Not Want To Do This)

    I cried the night before I got married,
    My dream was coming true, but whenever
    Dreams come to life, they haunt you
    Like nightmares do.... more »

  • I Guess This Is Goodbye

    So with flawless execution
    You've left me hanging without conclusion
    You, with the strength of twenty men
    Claim to fear the wrath of a single one?... more »

  • I Like You When You'Re Gone

    my dreams disperse
    watch your face drift
    like smoke towards the ceiling,... more »

  • Karma

    An angel sleeping, beautiful
    We'd love to linger and stare
    But we know she awakes as the Devil
    And we do not dare to be there... more »

  • My Sister

    You can see her wings
    When the light hits just right
    She's the sunshine every day
    And at night she is the moonlight... more »

  • Pride & Consequence

    In less time than it takes to pass the hours of a day
    she slipped into a nightmare from which she could not break away.
    From a crooked angle with blondish curls
    he broke into her life... more »

  • Rushing, Changing, Fading, Gone.

    the wind is blowing
    pushing time
    it never can stand still
    it runs its endless race with ease... more »

  • Saudade

    What once was hers became mine
    And has since passed on to another.
    It's strange how we switch and struggle
    and strive just to throw out the... more »

  • Serendipity

    The sun came out of nowhere,
    Lifted shadows, there you were
    And now you're sitting with me here
    Chasing Lonely out the door.... more »

  • Sigh

    All the memories of you
    Flooding back to my brain
    All the memories of you
    Are driving me insane.... more »

  • Soldier

    There is no fear in their eyes
    But there is terror in the air
    There is lightening in the sky
    And explosions everywhere.... more »

  • Something About Her

    It appears that she applies
    her pride with her makeup
    (painting on confidence
    with a pencil and brush)... more »

  • Somewhere Nowhere.

    He is who i search for
    In the quiet of my longing
    Where no one knows my yearning thoughts,
    My most sacred belongings.... more »

  • Stay.

    Hold me close to you
    and kiss away my tears
    hug me 'til i'm through
    and protect me from my fears.... more »

  • The Roses Died

    It's funny how when it's come to an end,
    When you're truly walking out the door,
    While I'm too proud to stop you,
    My heart and head are waging war... more »