• 3 Words 1 Meaning

    How can 3 simple word be so complex?
    Show trust and compassion, feelings and care.
    Build a home, or tear it apart
    How can one letter make all the difference?... more »

  • Blue Bird

    little birdy, little birdy, fill my head with wisdom.
    Do me a favor, take a message back,
    just let him how how much i miss him.
    Tell him how he's my world, my light, my everything.... more »

  • If I Knew

    if i knew loving you would hurt this bad,
    i wouldn't have started loving you.
    if i knew you would lie to me like this,
    i never would have listen to things u said.... more »

  • Loving You

    Restless sleep because u swept me off my feet, laying alone in my bed, thinking about all the things that have been said.
    Building dreams then tearing them down, just thinking about being with out you my heart hits the ground.... more »

  • Or Another Woman

    Think: when you wake up in the morning, and you open your eyes.
    Is it me you see? Or do u have another woman in sight?

    Think: When you dream of a party, and your dancing.... more »

  • Out Of Sight, Never Left My Mind

    Some people say, ' outta site is outta mind'
    but what happens when a homie is next in the line?
    what happens when you cant see them any more?
    and i don't mean like they are hiding under the bed or behind the door.... more »

  • Possibilities

    I can't take this anymore.
    I have to know.
    Its killing me and i can't help but feel like a mistake,
    like my life is a failure.I can't stand this feeling,... more »

  • This Pain Inside

    I cant go on like this
    this pain inside
    this pain that's killing me
    i just want to hide... more »

  • Tired

    I'm tired of the pain. and in tired of the memories. I'm tired of would have been's. and all the old used-to-Be's. I'm tired of the shame. and being left in the dark. you have my love for ever. and you will always have my heart.... more »

  • Trust Your Father?

    people tell me..
    your dad is the only man you can trust..
    but no one tells me what happens
    when you can't even trust your own father...... more »

  • Why Does The Caged Bird Sing

    Why does the Caged bird sing?
    How can its days be so bright with such a dark surrounding?
    How can its pain sound so beautiful?
    look inside and see the tears, feel the pain.... more »

  • You Know Who You Are

    Broken down, beaten up.
    Sometimes i think I'm just not enough.
    Then 3 words can make it okay, and
    every thing negative just floats away.... more »