People who do NOT know me think I am one of the strangest people they know. People who DO know me think I AM the strangest person they know. Nobody has been ever able to categorize me. My interests shift from one to another, one of the best examples would be with music. I could listen to heavy alternative music this minute and shift classical Sebastian Bach on the next hour. I love the color green and lollipops. I sometimes forget where the heart is. I live on top of the hill, in my grandparents・ house surrounded by big draping trees. I spend Christmas with my family and Valentines with a book and a cup of coffee. My most beloved friends say I am a distraction and that I smell of black chocolates. I like taking walks on gloomy rainy days and the scent of gasoline. I am normal.


Jessica Marie beerbubblebaby Madrazo Poems

Steel Butterfly Beat

Under blue lights with dark milk
I turn aruond and lean on steel
trying to feel in every frail heartbeat
wonder staring on how the the vibrations... more »

Leave Me

Leave me, I beg of you.
For I loose all strength from the mere sight of you.
My legs are too weak to walk away from you,
my heart would stop should it let go of your hand,... more »

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