• Bottom

    ... more »

  • Cooling Off

    the fall breeze is soft
    against my cheeks.
    i'm letting the
    sunshine fill me up.... more »

  • Count

    everything i create
    is a masterpiece

    my bones are my... more »

  • Crashing

    the trees
    are swaying
    westward... more »

  • Fists Up

    you sweep through me.

    my nerves, my muscles,... more »

  • Humble

    i observe
    the ground
    below my feet
    and wonder... more »

  • Open Eyelids

    the ground is alive.

    the colors are a sight... more »

  • S A D

    s a d
    in bed

    my head... more »

  • Spiral

    the lights are dim and your
    closing the door because
    the hallway lights are too bright.
    take me home,... more »

  • Wandering

    I am wandering.
    Wandering through this noisy life.
    With only my shoes secured safely to my feet.
    The rest of me is afloat, among everything else... more »