• ~unknown~

    These silent tears
    Down the sides of my cheek
    I wipe them... more »

  • Always Remember

    Always remember to forget
    The things that made you sad
    But never forget to remember
    The things that made you glad... more »

  • Angel

    I love you
    More than I can even understand
    And I need you
    More than I can ever admit... more »

  • Difference

    There is a part of me
    That feels I am different from everyone else
    Something that I can't quite see,
    Something that I can't quite feel,... more »

  • Dream

    My life and yours have intertwined
    Over time we have become one person
    Different minds yet a single soul
    We are two fragile hearts... more »

  • End Of Innocence

    Secrets, secrets
    Lies, lies
    She sits in her room,
    and cries and cries.... more »

  • Fall

    On a cloudy autumns day
    A chocolate brown haired girl
    In her bright red pullover
    Skips through the... more »

  • Gone

    When you were here
    And each day throbbed with life and joy and you,
    My heart was full.... more »

  • Gossip

    My name is Gossip.
    I have no respect for justice.
    I break hearts and ruin lives.
    I am cunning, malicious, and gather strength with age.... more »

  • Happiness

    Everyday she feels the same way,
    Like she can't go on.
    With every tear that falls,
    The hope inside crumbles down.... more »

  • I Believe

    I believe in friendship
    And love at first sight
    I believe in happiness
    For which we should fight... more »

  • I See Me

    When I look into these eyes
    I find things no one else ever catches a glimpse at

    I see this fear of judgement... more »

  • Moment

    Who would have thought
    Through the distance
    Through the time without eachother
    That our love would survive... more »

  • No One Else

    We've been through so much, more than anyone can see...
    friends forever we will be...
    since we were little we'd be scrappen our knees...
    now we be scrappen our hearts.... more »

  • Sweet Man Of Mine

    He walked into my life
    And swept me off my feet
    He took my heart to places
    I thought couldn't be reached... more »

  • Think

    Should you always say what you feel
    Think, is the person you're telling going to be able to heal

    Is what you're saying necessary for everyone else to know... more »

  • Who's That Friend?

    I stand here all alone
    Not knowing what to know

    I need someone true... more »

  • You Are More...

    You are more than a dream that came alive
    You are more than
    I need in life...
    You are the star that answered my wish... more »

  • You'Re All That I Need

    I don't need anybody
    when you're not around
    And I don't need sympathy
    when I'm feeling down... more »