Well, I'm Jessica. I don't know how I got into peotry. I just picked up a pen one day and started writing, Haven't looked back since. Writing peotry to me is like free therapy. I have hundreds of little poems written down on random bits of paper. It just comes out when I need it. (:


Jessica Price Poems

Losing My Midnight Sun.

Four o' Eight, I lie awake,
Waiting for sleep to come,
To drag me under and never let me resurface,
For I hate what time has done.... more »

Losing My Midnight Sun (2)

As I Wait for sleep to Drag me under
I Remember holding you in the suffocating darkness,
My Mind Scurries from the thought
But my heart yearns To Relive The Bitter Delight.... more »

I Know What I'M Not...

Everyone wonders
Why is it they were put on this earth?

Not One Single person in this vast Destructive land has the answer.... more »

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