• ? .? .?

    i hate to be remembered
    for who i once have been

    but all these past regrets... more »

  • Dont Really Like This One

    like me if you do or not
    whatcha see is whatcha got
    i dont care if you hate my guts
    if i hear you ill kick your butts... more »

  • Forever Yours

    Forever yours I shall not stay
    My love for you will fade away
    You sought to destroy my life again
    But you’ve lost in the end.... more »

  • Him.

    I can't believe that your not my friend,
    I don't know what I did again.

    it's not the same with you all gone,... more »

  • I Hate

    i hated my life
    with every might

    but now i don't... more »

  • I Hate..

    i hate knowing that you care
    i can always feel you stare
    i feel as though you see thorugh me
    and how my insides seem to bleed... more »

  • I Have Wondered

    i have wondered why i feel this way
    because i cry almost everyday

    i have wondered why he doesnt care... more »

  • I Look Into The....

    I look into the sky so blue
    Wishing I could be with you,
    Hoping your thinking of me,
    God I wish that you could see.... more »

  • I Lost.

    I lost it all in one night.
    You and I, we tend to fight.
    I'm sorry I'm not good enough.
    Relationships are always tough.... more »

  • I Love This

    i love this feeling i have inside
    it feels so good it made me cry

    i love the way you said that u still cared... more »

  • I Miss You

    i miss you oh so very much
    you gentle kiss and loving touch
    i love you as you should see
    if only you and me could be... more »

  • I Stay Up

    I stay up all night long
    Thinking how I went so wrong
    You won’t tell me what I’ve done
    Because I cant think of none... more »

  • I Think You Hate Me Now

    you won't talk to me
    jus tell me if i need to leave
    i don't want to bother you
    i jus wish i knew what to do... more »

  • If Only

    If only he knew how much I care
    And how I always will be there,

    If only he knew that I dream of him... more »

  • I'M Moving On

    im moving on from the sorrow
    i can now begin my new tomorrow
    seeing the sun shine in my face
    i cant believe this is the same place... more »

  • Im Not Perfect But My Friends Take Me As I Am

    perfect isnt known to me
    thats something that i'll never be
    ive tried to please all that i know
    but everyone jus comes and goes... more »

  • Im Worried

    i was thinking about you all night long
    wondering what i have done wrong
    you don't seem to like me anymore
    its like you've slammed and shut the door... more »

  • Is?

    Is he for me?
    i just cant seem to see

    he says he thinks about me all day long... more »

  • Loneliness

    Loneliness is such an empty feeling,
    Its like your life doesnt have a meaning,
    It makes you feel like life isnt worth living.... more »

  • Loves

    Loves a binding joy so great
    But so fragile it can break
    Loves unending tears of pain
    But that’s how some people play the game... more »

  • My Dreams

    My dreams fly high
    That ain't no lie
    My dreams came true
    Because of you... more »

  • My Life.

    How can I be happy
    When you're no longer here?
    How can I smile
    When you're no where near?... more »

  • My Love

    My love was blind, it came so fast.
    I thought that he would be my last.
    But then I began to sigh.
    I had no tears left in my eyes.... more »

  • My Wish

    My wish for you
    Is that see the truth
    And then you can move on,... more »

  • Name Less

    I lay in bed
    sound asleep

    wondering why... more »