• An Epic End

    Spiraling into the darkness,
    Oh your pain that ne’er was.... more »

  • Beloved Pain

    I once thought I knew what love was
    Yet like a knife, all the way through the pain goes
    I can't fathom where I went wrong
    Reaching for anyone to whom I can belong... more »

  • Boundaries

    Time crawling little by little
    Climbing slower and slower
    My world is saddening
    Feeling as if I'm drowning... more »

  • Changes

    I thought some things never changed
    I didn't think all horizons expanded
    Only certain things seemed to falter
    The others seemed too perfect to alter... more »

  • Colors

    There are colors everywhere
    All about colors you may not care
    Some are pretty some are light
    Some perhaps as dark as night... more »

  • Craziness

    Can you see what I’ve got?
    You know this shit is hot
    To be known is a long shot
    I will make it like it or not... more »

  • Dreamily Urge

    All the time in the world can't compare
    New beginnings and grand ideas I'm to prepare
    Stressing myself to make my dreams reality
    Somehow the pressure is all I feel and see... more »

  • Egg Donor

    I've never had a female role model
    You left before I was off the bottle
    It ruined me to know that I wasn't loved
    I needed more than anything a mother's hug... more »

  • Emotional Maturity

    My life seems ordinary, so dull and drab
    I'm caught between choices, which one to grab
    Integrity and stability as I mature
    The girl inside craves to be nutured... more »

  • Empty Paper

    Life is a sheet of paper
    It will be full of writing later
    When you die it will be complete
    A memory sketched without a delete... more »

  • Fantasy

    Where do I go from here?
    My life seems full of fear
    I want to be yours alone
    Please let my love be shown... more »

  • For My Grandfather

    I miss you so much
    I wish I could’ve been there
    I wish I could’ve seen you
    I wanted to say goodbye... more »

  • Give Me Peace

    Do you ever ask God why?
    Would you even dare to try?
    Lord, you know better than I
    It takes all my energy just to sigh... more »

  • Goodbye

    It's really over this time
    I guess love I'll never find
    You led me on so much
    With every deceiving touch... more »

  • Goodbye To Thy Tiger

    Tiger, if you could be held in my arms,

    Would you be kind or must it always bring harm?... more »

  • Grandpa

    I miss you more than anything
    More than words can say
    You in my life meant everything
    I remember you each day... more »

  • Greater Troubles

    Why this am I feeling?
    Blessings God has begun revealing
    This will take time to comprehend
    My demented mind may not mend... more »

  • Internal Riot

    Can I put a limit on my agony and fear?
    Can I dry up all these uncried tears?
    Will my misery ever stop?
    Does God know I'm about to pop?... more »

  • Is My End Near?

    Need to move... more »

  • Isn'T It Great

    Having such beautiful days
    In the most wonderful ways
    Isn't it great?
    To not feel hate... more »

  • Life's Weathery Road

    Peering through a numbed out soul
    I'm peeking out my tiny hole
    Wandering through life, where do I go?
    Must I overcome the storms on my road?... more »

  • My Good Friend Paul

    I saw a deranged man in the hall
    Sucking on an orange straw
    He said hello to me
    I said hi as nice as could be... more »

  • My Pain From Within

    I want to go berserk
    I am so very urked
    I feel as though I'm outside looking in
    It's like I'm all alone yet again... more »

  • My Prayer Of Desperation

    Jesus, what is this turmoil?
    Is it my karma for finally having it good?... more »

  • My Prize

    I fantasize about being with you
    There's nothing else I'd rather do
    Even though it will never happen
    I still love to listen to you rappin'... more »