• My Superman

    I really miss you with this I start
    I truly loved you with all my heart
    Many times in my youth I could never understand
    Why only one last chance to touch your hand?... more »

  • Mystery Control

    This waiting is debilitating
    I’m tired and this is irritating
    Anxious over nothing no stress now
    Going to college yet another vow... more »

  • Ode To Spring Weather

    Sun beaming, the sky's blue and bright
    Hear the birds singing with all their might
    Spring is here and summer's coming
    Flowers growing from the ground still muddy... more »

  • Perfection

    Why do I endlessly let my mouth override my emotional stability?
    It’s no longer hidden under conscience.... more »

  • Please Remember

    Please remember
    I'll love you forever
    Through good times and bad
    Yet it may not show when I'm mad... more »

  • Probability

    I'm capsizing in my own reality
    Can't this world see the potential in me?
    My mind overrun by compulsive thoughts
    And peace has again evaded being caught... more »

  • Redneck Blood

    I don't want to hear any loud mouth
    I wish were at home in the south
    Where the sunshine shines
    And watermelons grow on the vines... more »

  • Sorrow For You

    Outside my hands are shaking
    Inside my heart is breaking
    What am I supposed to do?
    I have no control over you... more »

  • Strength And Peace

    I heard the words a long time ago
    And to this world I'll unfold
    Something inside me gives me the words
    To pick up my pieces and wield my sword... more »

  • Suicide

    To this world I was a stranger
    I lived a life full of danger
    It seems like a race against time
    And with no money, not a dime... more »

  • The Choice

    The things I'd give
    To have children live
    In a perfect world surrounded by love
    And give them strength to rise above... more »

  • The Huntress

    Oh the tantalizing tiger

    You make me feel on fire... more »

  • The Poor Girl

    Unloved and unwanted, that’s how I’ve always felt.
    To be loved and caressed and told it’ll be ok?... more »

  • The Strongest Call

    As surely as God made God lives
    Even in my sin he forgives
    Feeling my life is for a moment at ease
    With my thoughts I hope God's pleased... more »

  • The Void

    Inside myself I'm all alone
    This girl has been spared no storm
    The pain is often too great to bear
    Yet in the lonliness I am aware... more »

  • These Last Days

    These last days with some of you
    These last days are so few
    Things we wanted to change
    Life was always so strange... more »

  • Things Nobody Said

    No one told me it'd be easy
    Nobody said this would be fun
    I never thought I'd be the one
    Who'd lounge about until life was done... more »

  • To My Parents

    I feel like a puppy in a dog pound
    Like a person thrown in the lost and found
    I don't understand why I feel so disowned
    It's hard to think that I'm not alone... more »

  • Unwrap Rap

    Sex, guns and drugs that's all rap's about
    Except for you, but they'll get to it no doubt
    I'm dying to live that American dream
    It's so overrated I just want to scream... more »

  • Vacación De Cancún

    An unbelievably beautiful vacation.
    Our crazy stupidness, all in good fun.
    The hot, white sand of a wondrous beach.
    Clear ocean waves smashing the bodies to shore.... more »

  • Wear Your Shame

    Wear your shame on your face
    Really, you're a huge disgrace
    Right now your life is but a waste
    Better fix it before you're erased... more »

  • Without You

    Thank you God for saving me
    My life is a blessing I can see
    The road I took was full of holes
    But, then you helped my poor soul... more »