Jessie was born in Illinois, where she fostered a love for writing, and the outdoors. As a classically trained musician and dancer since a very young age, she's written essays, poems, and music and lyrics to her own songs throughout her life. Jessie earned a B.A. in English and Political Science from Illinois State University, and now lives and works in Washington, DC, as she pursues her Master of Public Policy at Georgetown University.

Jessie's writing conveys a passion for magic realism; incorporating the surreal, scientific elements, nature and space themes, and colors heavily into her work. The personification of cities and objects, as well as expressing emotions as color hues is characteristic to her poetic style.

In May 2018, she began writing one haiku poem per day, for 100 days. All of the haikus from the project are shared here, as well as on Instagram under her handle:


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