• ~ One Last ~

    That one last breath
    That I`ve been holding on to
    Is now gone..............
    Because you told me that everything... more »

  • ~sure~

    *Sure you told me you loved me and sure I said it back but did you mean it? why can`t I tell?
    *Sure you told me you were sorry and sure i accepted it but did you mean it why can`t I tell
    *Sure you kissed me and told me everything will be ok and sure I agreed that it will but I didnt mean it cant you tell that
    *Why cant I tell if you are for real or just lying why would you lie to me?... more »

  • ~your Smile~

    I love your Smile
    The one you give me
    When we pass by each other
    And the smile you give when... more »

  • The Spot I Gave You

    I wanna tell you how I feel
    I wanna explain how I feel
    but you dont seem to care
    you tell me you do but then... more »