Jez Burl Biography

I'm just a simple human being with simple thoughts and simple way of life. I do believe that in my simple expression through poetry I could connect to people from all walks of life. And through my fellow poets I believe I could continue to grow spiritually, intellectually, socially and emotionally.
Poetry, Arts and Music are essential to my existence. I write to feed my soul, I paint to feed my heart and I listen or play music to feed my spirit... I write to express either my love for words or my love for expression. That love is the sole reason why I write. My poems are from real life experiences especially my poems, " Voices" , " After Three Decades" , " The Bamboo Trees" and my Haiku poems. The rest are just product of my imagination...They are mere fictions, so to speak. Sometimes, when I write the fiction one what's in my mind initially will be different in the end...but the inspiration is always the same...I will always be grateful to Poem Hunter family...This is a 2nd HOME to me. All the poets are my family.
I do treasure you all.