• At The Train Station

    I stood on the edge of the platform in Doroteo Jose.

    Stream of light flashed at sight, of dangled faith.... more »

  • In The Room

    In this little room of fate and grail.
    We sat on wooden floor of din;
    That we are kings or prince
    Chuckling on the phillistines' dream.... more »

  • It's Over

    That time passed that I
    was overwhelmed by deceit
    thinking over the latest of her quest.
    That queer on the post, typing the comment rips the edges of mine clothe... more »

  • Late Night

    Late night I am still at my door waiting.

    The ring of my favorite, to hear from... more »

  • Sojourn Of A Lifeless Ordinary

    Hurried to the realm of the hollow shore
    of burried bushes dried by the sunset.
    Then, angry waves devour and fret
    That shore, where I walked before... more »

  • Sonnet 1

    Shall I suppress this trodden feeling?
    The fearful bliss of sudden trimming.
    The wild thing that grows little a day,
    When I see her walking hard a day.... more »

  • Stanza

    Life is a journey in this mundane realm.

    This world of fleeting things,... more »

  • That Night I Shivered

    That night I shivered
    As I walked on the
    Pavement, beside Her
    At the Pier one, in front... more »

  • The Sky Ravels What Is Up For The Day

    The sky ravels what is up for the day.
    Unrest its clouds, scuttle by the Eastern wind.
    Restless, like thin sheets of paper scatter away.
    No one knows where they head.... more »

  • Today, Another Point To Start

    Today, another point to start
    To ponder upon the very first day.
    The day when your wavy hair dot
    In the cold conference room;... more »

  • Verse

    Delighted at the past by which the sea left the ocean with its vicious intention.

    The river has remorse by joinning the miscreant of the sea.... more »

  • Word Of God

    'That good part shall not be taken from Mary's ears, '
    which He gives.
    The precious, more precious than jewels of Kings.
    No one could ever find unless he is chosen... more »