• All That Glitters.

    As we walk down our obsidian pathways of life,
    I see glowing, golden beams of light.
    I go forward, eyes trained on the beams eagerly,
    Only to find treasure that is not for me.... more »

  • Fire. (Come To Your Senses)

    (This is partially in memorium to the many people who have died, either intentionally or on accident, by a fire recently)

    Let the paintbrush of fire illustrate my life.
    Bring the dripping heat down to my body.... more »

  • Friends Forever

    I once knew you, love.
    We once created worlds, built
    Just for us, to our specifications-
    Worlds filled with intrigue, excitement,... more »

  • Orange-Rolling

    Pick one off of its support.
    Throw it down a hill.
    Go! Faster! Faster!
    Oh fiersome, glowing suns.... more »

  • Starlight

    'We are all in the gutter,
    But some of us are looking at the stars' - Oscar Wilde

    We are the ones that look to the stars.... more »

  • Sunlight And Shadows

    The cold seeps through
    Clothes and skin,
    Numbing you to the bone.
    You don't want to move another step.... more »

  • The Brambles

    There once was a girl who lived in a garden amongst brambles

    Along the side of a sunny green, gently-sloping hill covered in soft stones.... more »