• Fortune

    I was who I was
    the person which was like a grass.
    I could move but couldn't make a pass
    from one place to another, 'cause I was just a grass.... more »

  • I Will Be

    I am not who I was, but I will be who I am
    Whatever I will have done is the result from what I do
    so I transformed myself into me
    and I put away all my guilt.... more »

  • Maintaining Oil

    Doubt of fears, the beginning of knowledge
    to know many possibles to be maybe happened
    A count on choice, surpassesconfusions
    but laying down your afraids will hold sticking still... more »

  • Words Of Words

    Words of words, the unspoken MEANING. When you say a goal, it's a day DREAMING. Try to say "yes" when you feel to say "you CAN, " cus if you fail to it then you'll feel it is FUN.

    A world of darkness has a chance to be enlighten, and yes about the Light, could it be stopped by a darkness?... more »