JF jim foulk july 7,1943

there is somuch to tell since i was a kid and a teenager not much has happened to me. i grew up in the 1950's which was a great time to grow up. in 1950 we got our first tv set. we were the only ones in 6 blocks that had a tv set. everyone came over to our house to watch our tv. in those days tv was not on 24 hours a day like it is now, so when you first turned the set on, all you got was a test pattern. the first tv show i saw was the kate smith show. i had this dog named shep i had him for nine years. some of the storys about him is really something. i use to take him to the movies with me, and he would wait for 3 hours until i came out and i did not tie him up. i would go to the drug store and be in there for 2 hours and he would be there when i came out. but one day he was gone, i looked all over for him but no shep. i went home for supper, but he was not there. after supper i went back up to the drug store and there he was waiting for me. he was there for at least four hours, but he thought i was still there. another time him and i were walking up the railroad tracks and he fell down this hole and got stuck, at the bottom was this creek that was about ten or fifteen feet down. i went home to get a rope and when i got back he was gone, i thought that he fell through, but he did not, i went back home no shep, i looked everywhere for him but no shep. i went back to the hole by the train tracks and there he was waiting for me. he was the best friend i had. i had very few friends but shep was my friend and helped me get through some tough times. in 1956 my family moved from grinnell iowa to des moines. there they had the big movie palaces, where my friend danny and i went every saturday afternoon. in 1962 he went and joined the army, and he was sent to viet namm. in 1977 my wife judy and i moved to denver co. a lot of things happend from 1943 until now but that is it for now.



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Love your poem, it spoke to me. Thank you
Hi Jim: I am a grade 8 teacher, and we are starting a poetry unit. One task I have students do is analyze a poem, identify symbols, devices and themes. Finally, they are to include a biography of a poet. My student chose Lonely, am I. However, we are having difficult finding information about you. Could she contact you with a few questions? It would be greatly appreciated. I found and offer up some of your poems to choose from. I found them here on poemhunter. I found this that you wrote about yourself at the start- http: //www.poemhunter.com/i/ebooks/pdf/jim_foulk_2007_4.pdf - that's it - any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks... Stewart
Jim that Poem really SPOKE to me. Because I am going through a little thing call Lonliness but I kind of like it sometime I like it but I need my GRANNY but M y granny in heaven. I wish I can TALK to her,