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Sara hines 09 Mar 08:17
Love your poem, it spoke to me. Thank you
Stewart Stephens 23 Oct 2016 09:01
Hi Jim: I am a grade 8 teacher, and we are starting a poetry unit. One task I have students do is analyze a poem, identify symbols, devices and themes. Finally, they are to include a biography of a poet. My student chose Lonely, am I. However, we are having difficult finding information about you. Could she contact you with a few questions? It would be greatly appreciated. I found and offer up some of your poems to choose from. I found them here on poemhunter. I found this that you wrote about yourself at the start- http: // - that's it - any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks... Stewart
Lashawanda Ivey 14 Jun 2007 10:24
Jim that Poem really SPOKE to me. Because I am going through a little thing call Lonliness but I kind of like it sometime I like it but I need my GRANNY but M y granny in heaven. I wish I can TALK to her,
Anabel just Anabel 13 Feb 2007 04:52
hello I read your biography pretty interesting well descriptive..have you think of writting a book? take care xoxx...Anabel