• A Penny For Them

    A penny for them
    she said
    one day
    when I had a far away look... more »

  • Comments

    Thank you
    for your comments
    that fly through the wires
    across the world... more »

  • Concentrate

    When the me of 6 years
    heard grown up speak of
    concentration camps
    the 6 year old I... more »

  • Garden Spice

    There a place at the back,
    My little oasis,... more »

  • Hate

    I hate
    the way
    that people
    say that... more »

  • Have A Happy Astronaut Day

    Neil Armstrong
    walked on the moon
    looked back at the earth
    and thought... more »

  • I Love

    I love
    The smell of fresh bread
    wafting through the ice air
    from the bakery... more »

  • In The Time Of My Dying

    In the time of my dying
    I saw many things
    I felt my memories
    form into a mass... more »

  • Life Times

    I spent a lifetime one night,
    Talking to you,
    Never met,
    But you know me,... more »

  • Mariposa

    How you live
    in my mind,
    My soul'... more »

  • Rain

    From clouds
    to soil
    to rivers
    through hills... more »

  • Scent

    If I could smell
    I would drink your scent in
    like a man who had crossed a desert
    Quenching on oasis water... more »

  • Sitting Still

    Sitting still
    Waiting for the clock
    To smash through the tock
    that seems to take forever... more »

  • Sunshine

    There's the sun
    just behind that cloud
    I haven't seen it today
    but, I know its there.... more »

  • The Art Of Not Wearing A Hood

    One day I decided
    that I would not
    under any circumstances
    wear a hood... more »

  • The Rungs In Me

    There's a hole in me
    It grew over 12 years of not seeing you
    It deepened and darkened until there was no way out
    After years I thought of moving towards the light... more »

  • Tree

    Rooted in soil
    I reach to pull the clouds
    After many years I may reach
    In luck I may be nearer... more »

  • Twin Towers

    Two towers fell today
    Two towers were pushed
    by death in air... more »

  • Why Only Them?

    Why do birds sing,
    no, thats an old song
    from an era pushed back in time
    think of something new to write.... more »