• Filling Time

    I met my grandfather again last night –
    strange, as he died in 1998.
    World Cup Year.
    I spent some time filling him in on what had gone on since.... more »

  • Gentleness

    for Jack Kerouac (1922-69)

    Jack the America of your dreams is gone
    Gone the brownstone tenements of the night... more »

  • London

    I walk every day under your heavy skies
    the grey lid that covers your people.
    I walk your filthy streets and step past... more »

  • Moving Wood

    Spent an hour in the morning moving a wood-pile
    from near the house where they need to lay pipes
    to a copse I cleared two years ago
    of a mountain of twenty year hawthorn and briar.... more »

  • Normandy

    The path of your seasons is heavy on my heart
    Wild winter gales
    The early breath of spring-time air... more »

  • November, Early Morning

    open sky washed clean by a night of rain
    sharp breath of autumn covering everything
    London almost pleasant in the 6 a.m. dawn light... more »

  • Other Ways I Can Love You

    I meant to say how fantastic you looked when you came downstairs this evening.
    I meant to say how much I love your knowledge of lower league football.
    I meant to say how much I love our evenings of quiet computers & documentaries.
    I meant to say how much I cherish the five minutes before the alarm clock rings at 6a.m.... more »

  • Penny Farthing

    On a crisp Kent Autumn morning
    My father throwing sticks, tennis balls, even his car keys
    into a brown horsechestnut tree.
    Down came showers of leaves and conkers.... more »

  • Re-Sits

    On a warm May morning I am invigilating a pointless Government exam
    when a child asks eagerly,
    “How much time left...? ”
    A question better than any on his exam paper.... more »

  • Tuesday Morning Haiku

    Tuesday after Bank Holiday
    Commuters stepping around
    the stain from a dropped
    ice... more »

  • Uncovering Snails

    Gardening yesterday I lifted a large log
    and uncovered a teeming party of life.
    Woodlice scuttled away
    An earwig made its hurried passage to safety.... more »

  • Water Level

    At first the patter of a couple of raindrops
    Increasing in frequency
    Tacklings and cracklings
    onto the glass roof above... more »