• # My Philosophy

    What kind of society have we become? Is this the start of our demise?
    When so many people for no reason berate and criticize?... more »

  • "Not What I Do"

    He did not talk about his feelings
    instead…he hid them all away
    and when she pleaded with him to talk to her
    "It's not what I do! " he'd say.... more »

  • ...Like Home

    A sight…a sound…a touch can awaken a memory
    and in that memory a moment is revived…
    And even a simple aroma…can make a memory come alive?... more »

  • ...You Gonna Play?

    It was during Taylor's 18th birthday party…when I heard somebody say…
    "The next game will be dodge ball…Hey, PopPop…you gonna play? "

    "Sure! " I said knowing it's been years since I ever played that sport…... more »

  • @be Kind

    I know I look at the words through simple eyes
    I consider this a gift with which I've been blessed
    I've grown to think that simple eyes lead to simple solutions
    and simple solutions are often the best….... more »

  • 10 Things

    I am your baby…just born yesterday…I have all my fingers…all of my toes
    and even though I can't talk yet…here are 10 things I'd like you to know.

    You will receivea lot of good and bad advice…... more »

  • 100 Days

    100 Days ago I made a decision to throw caution to the wind
    A choice I hoped in the long run would not leave me chagrined.

    I thought I would write a daily rhyme, (OK nothing crazy about that yet!)... more »

  • 1000 Paper Cranes

    When we dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima back in 1945
    80,000 people died instantly the rest thought they were lucky to be alive.

    But, after the bomb, radiation rained like it had never rained before.... more »

  • 12 Days

    My birthday is December 31st perhaps that’s why I’ve always been a little unclear
    Why we’re so quick to complete an end of the year review before the end of the year.

    We’re shown the usual montage all edited into a beautiful and fitting vignette... more »

  • 135 Years And Still Hoping


    She arrived in New York Harbor…June 17,1885
    after sailing across the sea.... more »

  • 143

    When our children were little whenever we could
    we'd visit Mr. Rogers in his neighborhood.

    We'd find a comfortable place and there we'd recline... more »

  • 2 Captains

    Two captains met to choose their teams for life...
    "I choose strength and beauty! " Captain 1 said.
    Captain 2 spoke, after pondering a while,
    "I choose love and kindness instead."... more »

  • 2 Hearts

    ... more »

  • 2 Old Pirates

    As children the two brothers were happy
    their imaginations flowed with ease
    when, in a box and a basket, they were pirates
    who sailed the seven seas…... more »

  • 3 Bags Of Magic

    Have you ever noticed when people help each other out
    when they show compassion…when they show they care
    when they do something nice for one another
    there's a kind of magic in the air.... more »

  • 3 Brothers

    A photo of 3 brothers in a different time
    in more innocent and carefree days
    3 brothers only children then
    before they went their separate ways... more »

  • 3 Dogs

    Our son Ryan sent us a picture the other day of his dog Mattie when she was a puppy soon after she arrived
    and standing next to Matty was our dog Whitman
    while he was still alive.... more »

  • 3 Martini Hangover

    OK it’s official people...from Key West to the city of Gnome
    If I go by the number of likes I received...3 martini’s is my most popular poem.... more »

  • 3 Martinis

    I’ve been composing these poems for a while and posting them for all to see
    But the other day while checking out Facebook something occurred to me.

    Believe it or not to write these verses takes a little effort...a little time... more »

  • 30 Years Apart

    It was a good dam photo- taken on a dam…30 years ago
    The path their lives would take them…neither one could know.

    His son's life…barely beginning for he…just 10 years alive... more »

  • 350,000 Reasons

    Each day around the world over 350,000 babies are born
    or so the statisticians say
    350,000 babies…welcomed into our world each day.... more »

  • 4 Buns

    Have you heard the old story about a hungry man who came up with an easy way
    A timesaver, as it were, to make his hunger go away.

    When told 4 buns would quell his hunger, this man thought...and then he said,... more »

  • 52 Words

    52 words written in 1787 and ratified in 1788 were meant to be a guiding light to make America great.

    It began with certain concepts on the kind of country we should be.
    With a hope these words would be self-evident throughout our history.... more »

  • 6 Feet Away

    One thing this pandemic has been doing from the very start
    is forcing us to look at life a little differently…as we stand 6 feet apart.

    It's allowing us to reevaluate as we adjust our day to day…... more »

  • 6 Men...6 Separate Tables

    6 men once walked into a bakery…6 men all old and grey.
    They sat at separate tables…it's how they began their day.

    6 men once did not know each other…didn't give each other a second look... more »