• Browning

    I dreamed I drowned in brown elixir
    and I was the clown
    who shook up the mixer
    in the cak-shak... more »

  • By Chance...

    By chance our starlight
    Fell on the same darkness,
    Awoke a senseless blight
    From which a well did spring... more »

  • Deflation

    To deflate morale
    That is already flat on its face
    Is tantamount to destruction
    Of a Sort unkown by common scale... more »

  • Duty-Bound Lounge

    a mild mannered ignominy never spoke
    never caught the attention of the world
    lit any fires or solved any damn mysteries... more »

  • Givememyepiphany

    give me my epiphany
    it's been a long day
    I've made no hay
    give me some hope... more »

  • Home Sweet Poem

    The icing felt hard
    upon this cake
    and the birthday card
    folded for his sake... more »

  • Landing

    Soon the moon
    will not balloon above the sky
    and we'll wonder why... more »

  • Last Known Good Configuration

    Born on Sunday
    drizzling watery celebration on the Monday
    Blazing spirits screened for eternity... more »

  • Last W008rd

    the last word is spoken
    the last word is written
    and then
    the first words are written and spoken... more »

  • Mushy Pea

    Not exactly mushy peas on centipedes
    the down under grey matter
    I contemplated as I sat here
    and mashed my 3rd and 4th gear.... more »

  • My Bosom Given

    my bosom given
    to thee to live in
    for a while..... more »

  • Ode To 9h9m9s9d9min2009

    my small attempt to put 9 on the map
    time is tearing out of its infinite tap
    nothing really to celebrate
    except you're not so late... more »

  • Only One Kind

    3 days have elapsed
    The tears have now dried
    A kind and highly spirited man has gone!
    It's better not to cry anymore;... more »

  • Perfect Cloud

    A Perfect Cloud sits as mist mountain
    Pointing latent vapours in every direction
    Presiding over a blue sky
    About to be changed... more »

  • Stars Shot High

    stars shot high and ploughs furrowed deep
    no constellation compares with thee
    the earth of my muddy position
    whose stellar flex encoils and spins and lashes and refracts and spins and wreaks havoc and blends/hides... more »

  • Statuesque Clocks

    you have a timepiece
    you hold it in your hand
    one niggling attribute
    it slips thru like sand.... more »

  • Todolist

    things I'd like to stop:
    resenting... more »

  • Wee Wonders For The Wee Folk

    Cracks appearing on foot of a warrant for digestion
    nothing to contend with other than life's short detention

    and the breadth of information in any given slice of experience... more »

  • What's In A Name?

    saddam, salman, saddam, salam, osama,
    barrack obama
    jfk, mlk, obe, ira, intifada
    barack obama... more »

  • Where Is Your Jacket Young Man?

    As Gerry lurches towards the garden of the Ambassador's Residence
    to infuse the Austrian undergrowth with James's Gate's juice
    my baby liver is out on its own
    adrift on the ice - but no bucket.... more »

  • Zeitgeist Is Ripe

    Zeitgeist is ripe
    for the short skirted type
    Meine Liebe!... more »