• A Girl Like You

    The world isn’t as valuable as a girl like you
    A girl like you makes everything in this world seem pure, even true…
    The beauty of a girl like you should never be wasted on cryin’
    Because if that ever happens again, this poor soul will start dyin’…... more »

  • Can You?

    Can you tell me why you cant see it?
    The pain I feel when ur with him
    Can u tell me why u cant feel it?
    Without u my whole life’s turning grim... more »

  • Everyday

    i'll do anything you ask of me
    no matter how ridiculous or minute
    just don't take that smile of your radiant face
    don't lose that expression i find so cute... more »

  • Faithfulness

    you'll never have to worry
    about where i am at night
    you'll never have to fret
    or be in a state of fright... more »

  • How Bad I Love You

    You’ll never know how bad I love you
    You’ll never know how u make me feel
    All the little games u play wit my head
    it makes life seem so surreal... more »

  • Mistake

    i'm very confused at the moment
    and i really don't know why
    i am not supposed to love you
    thats the reason im always so shy... more »

  • Purity

    Most girls like diamonds
    Lots like colorful jewels
    Almost all girls like flowers
    but not all girls like to follow rules.... more »

  • The Key

    when i first laid my eyes upon you
    all the universe came to a halt
    but then i saw you holding his hand
    which took my heart and threw it in a vault... more »

  • They Call It Love

    Ive felt a strangeness in my heart
    Its something I never felt before
    It happened when I met you
    When you walked through the art room’s door... more »

  • Vein

    I no your with him right now but i'm sure you dont wanna be.
    because you no what he does with her. You see what I see.
    But please dont be fooled by the act that he puts on.
    That cheaters playing with you just like you're a pawn.... more »

  • Worthwhile

    I remember the time when we first hung out
    We were havin pizza a fun time no doubt
    Even then I new that I’d love u forever
    And I thought for a moment that we could be together... more »