• A Bitter Ballad

    One day you will see my worth
    And will realize she's not the girl of your dreams
    Coz I am the only one in this rare earth
    Who have seen your extremes... more »

  • Ballad Of Contempt

    Problem with boys
    They think of your being friendly as flirtatious
    And interpret politeness as having desires over them
    They'll go easy on you... more »

  • Behind The Compliments

    You said I am a leader but why can't I direct myself?
    You said people are drawn to me but why can't I feel them?
    You said I am good looking but why am I afraid of mirrors?
    You said I am attractive but why am I scaring people away?... more »

  • Constrained

    I want to be there
    But I don't know where that is
    I want to be that
    But I don't know who that is... more »

  • Deadlocks Of Loving

    I will love you no matter how difficult it is to count the exact number of the stars and how difficult it is to catch the Venus and the moon in the photographs... more »

  • Episode I

    Blame the voices for being awake at this time of the night
    Night. It's 2: 30 in the morning. Sweet dreams to all.
    Who cares what time is it?
    The sun is still shining at the far side of the Earth... more »

  • For The Love Of First Love

    I didn't agree when they told me
    That first love will never set you free
    That first love never dies
    And first love are full of sighs... more »

  • On Emotions

    A person is not giving you a cold shoulder for no reason.
    You might have hurt feelings or acted foolish enough to touch an ego.... more »

  • On Time

    There is always a time for everything.
    You can never tell, though, if it's the last or the beginning.... more »

  • Scapegoat

    Blame the chemicals!
    Blame it for my indifference
    The way I say I love you now but not love you tomorrow
    The way I let you feel you are special but hold back after a minute... more »

  • Sullen

    I'm freaking smart. I'm bloody clever. Because I did.
    I did shut you out. You will never win. Because I'm cunning.
    Counting the tablets. All seven of them.
    Lined them up on a queue... more »

  • The Midroad

    Aging. The withering stage of life
    A busy avenue on a cracked cement
    A new building with rusty railings
    A car with a flat tire... more »