• A Beautiful Day

    The sun smiles at the dancing butterflies
    As clouds play tag in the heavenly skies... more »

  • A Lost Day

    Lost is the day in which you have not found fulfillment in any area: work, private, or social.

    Lost is the day in which you have not found a reason to smile: not about others, and not about yourself.... more »

  • Adelita Leticia Fortunata

    She was simple, dressed in rags
    Adelita Leticia Fortunata
    But she had a special gift
    That made her everyone’s inamorata... more »

  • Be Happy Here And Now

    Be happy here and now
    For tomorrow, the standards may have changed
    And the factors that are in place today
    To contribute to your happiness... more »

  • Broken

    The splinters of our relationship are still evident as the new day dawns
    But so are the sparks of a life after us
    Alone? Maybe.
    But definitely not lonelier than the mismatch that we were.... more »

  • Complicated Affair

    Loneliness is a complicated affair
    Oftentimes it can be found
    In highly improbable situations:
    Within those that seem stable and sound,... more »

  • Contamination

    As the dirty water seeps
    From the outdoor 'room of ease, '
    Forming a fusty puddle, in collaboration
    With dry leaves, rotting olives,... more »

  • Count Me Out Today

    Today I don't want to be part
    Of anything out there
    Count me out today... more »

  • Dad

    The older he grows
    The quieter he gets
    Is it his nature
    Or does he have regrets... more »

  • How Blessings Are Earned

    Give the gift of love, because the world needs it
    Give the gift of peace: you'll find it in your heart
    Give the gift of support, because someone deserves it
    Give the gift of knowledge, because you're smart... more »

  • Impermanence

    Behind us
    lie millions of lives -
    converted to history
    in fading shades of gray.... more »

  • Inner-Dialogue

    Hello, my peaceful right hemisphere,
    I've come to visit you again, my dear
    After a day of measuring in endless trance
    Ensuring ongoing improvement and excellence... more »

  • Just Be Good

    I have reasons to worry but I don't
    In the past I would have - now I won't
    The lessons learned in recent years were great
    I learned that concern before the time is a useless trait... more »

  • Leaf In The Wind

    A leaf in the wind
    I am,
    Floating through time and space.
    Purposeless sometimes,... more »

  • Lost In Details

    is where we are
    from day to day
    when we struggle and strive
    and get confronted with challenges... more »

  • Lost In Existence

    Unforgivable is the sense of purposelessness
    That awareness sometimes brings
    We come - we go
    We do what we think we’re destined for... more »

  • Maestro

    As two birds are chirping their sopranos
    A grasshopper dances on a half rotten leaf
    The sun is painting a picture of yellow
    And various shades of green... more »

  • Mind Games

    Like a flash in the dark
    Erects my mind
    Penetrating into the oblivion
    Of a lonely day... more »

  • Mindsets

    My mindsets are like butterflies
    They flutter around
    Catechize my personality
    And alter my perceptions... more »

  • Mood Swings

    Mood swings are
    Like bittersweet stings
    Drugging you
    With thoughts... more »

  • No Us

    There’s no mind
    That doesn’t ever wander
    There’s no sky
    That doesn’t ever thunder... more »

  • Nothing New

    We're born with 'possessing' as our aim
    Because we were given a bodily frame
    Which we've come to cherish and adore
    As if that's who we are, and nothing more... more »

  • Obsolete Program

    We’re programmed to compete
    Against our sisters and brothers
    We’re programmed to get ahead
    At the dreadful expense of others... more »

  • Peaceful Dwellings

    Hazy mountains or lazy rivers
    Morning glory or twilight quivers
    Wavy oceans with sandy slivers
    All are instances of peace givers... more »

  • Purses, Shoes, And Men

    She quietly walked through the store
    An early twenties' bird
    She mumbled that life was a bore
    Or maybe a dirtier word... more »