• A Poem...Perhaps

    I'd like to write a simple poem
    And try to make it rhyme
    But as the hours are flying by
    I just can't find the time... more »

  • Alone

    All of a sudden I am alone...
    all of a suddenly.
    All of a sudden, I am alone.
    All of a sudden he has gone... gone!... more »

  • Our Angel

    All Angels come from Heaven above
    And ours arrived, so small and neat
    A dainty darling, full of love
    A child, to make our lives complete... more »

  • Rainbow Of Tears

    When next dark clouds descend on you and tears begin to flow,
    Remember always, they are there because you loved me so.
    Those precious tears, those salty gems, each one a cherished jewel.
    Are gathered by my angel friends for rainbows crystal fuel... more »

  • The Singing Sea

    I love the sea because it sings; at night
    It ebbs and flows a lilting melody
    In harmony with earth, in bright moonlight
    I love the sea; because it sings at night... more »

  • Thoughts Of You

    All brightness comes into my mind,
    when I think back on you.
    Of happy, sunny carefree years,
    that numbered all too few.... more »