• Little Flower

    Little flower, little flower, growing like a weed,
    I want to pick you, but then I don't I think I'll just let you be.
    Your colors so pretty starling at me, a yellow orange is what I see.
    If I were you and you were me, I know you would just let me be.... more »

  • Mother

    What memories holding in my heart,
    when father took you to heavens part,
    My tears are heavy missing you,
    Oh mother- crying - is it true.... more »

  • Pewee

    I haven't got alot of friends
    to give a chat or two
    Today I; m just a little lost
    and just a little blue.... more »

  • Thank You

    Ihave a little sister that shares my life.
    She saved my life you see.
    She made me well when I was dying.
    this little sister with me.... more »