I lived in Texas all my life until 2004, when I married a British citizen, moved to England for two years and am now living in Perth, Western Australia. Who could have imagined my life now? Certainly not I. I have been a designer and illustrator for many years and am continuing to do that here in Australia, a land few of us will ever see.


Joanne West Cornish Poems

The Dance

“Come and join me for a dance, ”
Said Patrick John to me.
“I’d love to, thank you sir, ” I say,
“But wait ‘til after tea.”... more »

Mary Jane Lee

Chocolate cupcakes and crumpets for tea.
My mother says clean up for my company.
‘Cause Mary Jane’s mother has called to inquire
If Mary Jane Lee can come play by our fire.... more »

The Tip Top Stair

Right at the top of the tip top stair
Sat little Joanne in a comfy chair.
So long had she clung to her loveless snare
That she quite forgot, in fact, it was there.... more »

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