• Mary Jane Lee

    Chocolate cupcakes and crumpets for tea.
    My mother says clean up for my company.
    ‘Cause Mary Jane’s mother has called to inquire
    If Mary Jane Lee can come play by our fire.... more »

  • Patrick John

    Patrick Joe has the face of a schmo,
    And he shouldn’t be asked for tea.
    Patrick Mike has a nose like a spike,
    And he picks at it with his key.... more »

  • Perfect Hands

    I do not care for perfect hands
    That never seem to have demands,
    With perfect nails that never break
    And cuticles that do not ache,... more »

  • The Dance

    “Come and join me for a dance, ”
    Said Patrick John to me.
    “I’d love to, thank you sir, ” I say,
    “But wait ‘til after tea.”... more »

  • The Tip Top Stair

    Right at the top of the tip top stair
    Sat little Joanne in a comfy chair.
    So long had she clung to her loveless snare
    That she quite forgot, in fact, it was there.... more »