• Always Here

    Stars are in the sky,
    And sometimes in your eyes.
    Some butterflies are roaming free,
    While the rest are stuck with me.... more »

  • Broke Out.

    Here are the words I never could say,
    For these are the last words i would ever say.
    Deep down there's love within your heart,
    But so many words are tearing us apart.... more »

  • Broken- Hearted

    If I say I love you, will you say it back?
    If your ex texted you 'hey' would you reply back?
    If we were so amazing together, why do you hate me?
    You and me, we had great chemistry.... more »

  • Hidden Love

    Im in love with a certain someone,
    He's charming, funny, and is himself with everyone.
    He is an amazing guy, one like no other,
    The one i can cherish, and be together forever.... more »

  • I Love You

    I can't stand to be without you.
    Your an amazing guy,
    Your the only reason i'm alive.
    You are too fine,... more »

  • Love Spell

    If when we fall in love the love is so great,
    Every day I won't be in this world I hate.
    Every night i'd fall asleep,
    Hoping you'll wake up next to me.... more »