• A Date With God

    This is the day to connect to his higher ground,
    An accord to view his wholeness being God.
    The highest privilege to talk direct to him,
    Be alone engage to his presence.... more »

  • A Prayer For You

    May this day gives you a better
    Perspective that reflect the real
    Beauty of life for you to be able
    To experience the journey.... more »

  • A Woman's Faith

    "Ingest the words to stimulate the power from
    Within to move and make it happen".

    The heart, the sensitive part of human being.... more »

  • Abstract Of Life

    This is the principle passage way of life
    The distance between experience and time
    Establish by planning and effort.... more »

  • Abusive People

    The individuals, self-satisfaction of they own
    Needs, own desire, own agenda, in their own good.

    They use people to step on, to corrupt, to abuse... more »

  • All Because Of You

    You build me up, makes me strong to
    Tackle things that I hardly know how
    To solve in my own deepest understanding.... more »

  • All The Time

    All the time, my heart and mind
    Longing for you to be near here by my side.

    All the time, thinking of you all over... more »

  • An Extra-Ordinary Love

    The wonderful spirit of love,
    Glorify the soul to the deepness of self.
    It lightens the heart of emotion,
    Secure and free.... more »

  • Anxiety Of The Body

    The life, in the beginning travel along road.
    The body and mind moves to the wider
    Direction, anywhere, everything goes.... more »

  • At One Time

    Day and night, together your body next to mine,
    Your tender kiss to my lips,
    At one time.... more »

  • Automatic Love

    I can't imagine that I felt this kind of love
    That I had right now, even in my dreams
    I didn't expect it to happen. It just a feeling of
    I can't explain in a word but, I absolutely feel it.... more »

  • Be Angel Of Good Words

    Minister with people,
    Be an agent of Happiness.

    Kind words bring life.... more »

  • Beautiful God

    The God beautiful mind rule me,
    He shows me his uttermost hidden secret.
    He measures me to my deepest self being in him.
    His marvelous wonder coming to my senses... more »

  • Beautiful Mind

    The ornament of intellectual thoughts.
    The harmony of mind to the broadness of life.
    Giving in contact to a big potential into existence,
    Being objective to the certain kind of event.... more »

  • Beautiful Morning

    The clear mind smiling in distance
    The trees swaying blowing with the soft wind,
    The smell of the air with pure fragrance,
    The pleasantness of spirit in sight.... more »

  • Beautiful Smile Behind The Pain

    The views of the heart astonish by wonder
    Comes from somewhere distance, cradle by thoughts,
    Swing in the surface of mind.... more »

  • Beneath My Senses

    The world down load my intense part of my being
    Include the people in my way life putting
    Me down and rolled me. I am walking in the dessert
    With nothing at all, I am hopeless.... more »

  • Building Self Esteem

    Different people, views, perspective,
    Belief, faith, or any other things we have human being.

    We cannot choose the lives that we wanted to be,... more »

  • Christmas Time

    It is Christmas time again, century by century,
    Years by years we all celebrating this wonderful season.

    Jesus the son of God born of the Virgin Mary bringing us joy,... more »

  • Colorful Wisdom

    Wisdom of love gives fruits inside emotion
    Blossom to the heart of men.

    Wisdom of light, dazzling to... more »

  • Corrupt Society

    Injuries are in the state of calamities around the world.
    How do injured people survived in this situation?
    In the condition of implication, how do they manage in life?... more »

  • Creator God

    Amazing God!

    He is really great and powerful.
    He do the things perfectly, He is awesome God.... more »

  • Cried Ice

    The stubborn character, personal interest in genuine self.
    Self-centered, frozen emotion in the coldness of life.

    Hurt never let go, it freezing to the deepness heart emotion.... more »

  • Death Spirit

    The extinction spirit termination of the body,
    Sins brought the anonymous figure, blow by wind scatter
    Like dust in the air, goes in and out from nowhere.... more »

  • Ear Of The Heart

    The highest position of the heart,
    The good quality of the person that manifest
    One way to another.... more »