• Embrace

    Your powerful hands cover me from the evil one
    Every time he attack me.
    I saw your face in the clouds
    Watching every moves of the enemy.... more »

  • Empty Heart

    Loss in the cold empty dark; awaken, thinking,
    Wondering inside mind.

    In the shadow of the night teardrops fall,... more »

  • Essence Being With Someone

    The excellence time of being with someone;
    To talk, to smile, to laugh,
    To share good things and bad things,
    In thoughts uncertain, motives, feelings,... more »

  • Face

    It represents the looks presented by value.
    The inner self shows into the outer
    Self of a person, beauty comes from within.... more »

  • Filled With Love

    The love bloom in the heart,
    Emotion fills with so much feeling lovingly
    Dedicated to someone dear heart.... more »

  • Flow Of Natural Experience

    This is the event resulting toward something encounter in life
    The moment made capable through experience.
    A series event governs toward knowledge.... more »

  • Flower In The Rain

    The finest part bloom in time reveal the beauty of fashion.
    It blossom bloom produce flowers big and small.
    The flower is beauty define as a woman.... more »

  • Fly In Silence

    Fly mind fly, reach the highest silence of spirit,
    The overflowing mind, the sound of peace nearby,
    The essence that moves in harmony of serenity.... more »

  • Focus

    Focus is a way to avoid destruction.

    Focus to your faith and belief. It is your foundation
    To stand in whatever thing may happen in life.... more »

  • Forever In Love

    The strong emotion of one individual.
    The resistance of the mind connect to the sincerity
    Of the heart emotion. The essence of the air,
    The smell of the flowers linger in,... more »

  • Free Mind

    This is the best time that I really like, to free my mind
    For all my worries, I have the power to fly,
    My imagination keeps me to go anywhere I can do anything.... more »

  • Friendship

    Precious individual travel in a circle
    Condition of life exist in time precious moment.
    The state of a person whom to rely on,
    To share the thoughts and dreams, to laugh for joy... more »

  • Galaxy Of Thoughts

    A milky way of brain moving from space place
    Particles of substance combine with matter.

    The assemblage of mind matrix through sense in scene... more »

  • Gif's And Bif's

    GIF's - Good Influential Friends /BIF's - Bad Influential Friends

    This two categories of friendship has a big impact
    And has a huge contribution to our life.... more »

  • Giving Realization Of The Matter

    Why people hurt people? Why we do hurt?

    We do hurt people because, we get hurt.
    We do hurt people because of; foolishness, selfishness, greediness,... more »

  • God And His Poet

    My life begins, the wisdom that
    I acquired help me to take down
    Through writing, the knowledge that God gave me
    To see things eye to eye as I go further.... more »

  • God Cleaning Time

    The world is full of foolish and sinful people,
    Lust, drugs, corruptions, adulteries, selling sex and
    Playing sex in a crowded places out of control
    Shameless and fearless.... more »

  • God The King

    The Lord is King, He is clothed with majesty and strength.
    His throne, has been firm from the beginning,
    And he existed before the time began.... more »

  • God Will Make A Way

    To the teardrops every pain,
    To my thoughts swaying in the mind
    Thinking in life with all experiences I have.... more »

  • God, As Long As...

    The sun is rising, the moon is lighting,
    The millions of birds are flying and chirping,
    The insects are crawling and does flying.
    As long as, the grass are growing, color green... more »

  • God's Love

    The word became flesh, illuminating the sense of action,
    Mind over matter, courage combine with faith over obstacles.

    A deep action, reverse our condition poured... more »

  • Growing Faith

    Every particular person must study the way of life.
    You must begin to live a better life each day to become the
    Person you want to be.... more »

  • Happiness

    This is the state of well-being, pleasurable satisfaction
    Of one individual. This is the event to take chance to enjoy
    The wonderful things on earth. The period of time to be with
    Special people in life. We are delightful because of happiness.... more »

  • He Loves Me

    A man who discover himself willing to work for
    His feeling to illustrate the density of emotion inside him.
    He realize one day in his life, the essence of something
    Beneath him concealed by his emotion.... more »

  • Healing Love

    The beautiful expression of emotion feels imaginative,
    Deepest sensation of the heart gliding from inside
    Overflowing being carry through to the right direction
    Of senses distance self.... more »