• Infinity Of Love

    The journey of love bound with this two love
    Individual, the missing piece is found by a chance,
    A high technology, the ability to reach and connect.
    A little time is very important. If this little... more »

  • Inner Wisdom

    The intellect insight,
    Dimension sense of mind in the heart,
    Confident and will power.... more »

  • Inspirational Insight

    The wit, personal touch, inhalation of spirit,
    Companion of lost soul to life.
    A candle to give light in the darkness
    Penetrate the emotion to lift up.... more »

  • It's All About You Jesus

    In everything I encounter to my life despair
    To the empty heart I had, I'll never dissuade.

    To my body's shaking, to my worry mind... more »

  • Its Own Time

    The journey travel to one place to another,
    A life circle cycle of experiences,
    Difficulties of life hazardous and destruction of
    People who brought sadness and problems.... more »

  • Keith (My Son)

    You are my child, a precious child
    I got you in the hands of God
    I am ready to have you whatever it takes
    The first time I saw you,... more »

  • Khottie Grant (My Daughter)

    You came into my life a wonderful gift
    From above, I feel you beating inside
    My body, what amazing power of God.
    God grant you to came into my... more »

  • Knowledge Of Experience

    The actual event, range information of things in life,
    Eventful experience base on fundamental issue in details;
    Struggle, adversity, pain, heartache, hurt ache,
    Sorrow, tiredness of everyday journey.... more »

  • Knowledge To Everlasting Life

    Age and education is not guarantee of wisdom.
    It is based on a deep intuition to life experience.
    The battles to understand and accept and let go.
    To intercede, meditate and concentrate the details of life event;... more »

  • Leading

    The pathway right direction quiet guide way to life.

    A daily step to do task with faith,
    Sailing with belief to the right motives of moving.... more »

  • Life Existence

    The bold knowledge of human being,
    State actual event experience distinguish
    The vital and functional activities of the body
    And mind. The conceptual stages of constitution... more »

  • Life Of Cocoon

    The phenomena of nature pupa's state
    Related form from a series part of life.

    The unique site details demonstration... more »

  • Life Projection

    The personality characteristic of one individual,
    The design to device in the mind, lights to dominate
    An image being a person. The dimension of being to
    Fall into surface. Our duty and quality to administered... more »

  • Lipad Sa Katahimikan

    Lipad isip lipad, sa katahimikan nang isipan
    Sa kapahingahan ng diwa, sa katauhan, sa damdamin,
    Sa puso, at sa ispiritu.... more »

  • Logical Dot

    One mind dominate the relation of the word to
    Relate to one special individual.
    The arrangement of rules deals with the
    Test through trials. A long period of time... more »

  • Lord We Need You

    The world became polluted by so many
    Harmful substances made-up by human being.
    We became object of bad situations, events,
    Ideas and circumstances to this corrupt world.... more »

  • Love Is

    Love is…
    Begins somewhere, something;
    Compose of true respect, devotion,
    Sincerity, sacrifice and pain.... more »

  • Love Letter To Jesus (My Savior)

    I found myself in your care on the day of my lost, uncertainties,
    Sorrows, struggles, difficulties, and hurts. You comforted me
    And listened to every words I say. You gave your time to me.
    You knew the sincerity of my heart. You gave me courage to... more »

  • Love Magic

    This is strange emotion,
    Absolutely feel inside heart,
    It's beating so fast that can not control.... more »

  • Love Reunited

    A long journey passing in this two love individual,
    The essence that has been gone for a long time to
    Be with someone who truly loves.... more »

  • Love That Satisfy My Soul

    Peaceful spirit in the middle of troubles
    And sufferings.

    I miss you in the deepness of myself, God.... more »

  • Marriage

    A solid relationship, a couple being united to
    One another, romances and passionate love together.
    The knot between the two in love,
    Through thick and thin for better or worse.... more »

  • Meditation

    The powerful factor to in tune,
    Free spirit and mind to connect
    Somewhere beneath your thoughts.... more »

  • Memories In Memory

    The mind thinking, it appeared to the
    Monitor of sight. Thinking... thinking...

    Every detail that has happened in life journey... more »

  • Mind Dimension

    The mental breath condition
    Perceives of comprehensive
    Memory device,... more »