• Miracle If You Believe

    It begins to your heart, the senses of the air.
    How you give your inner self to any essential part
    Of anything.... more »

  • Miracle Of Faith

    The infinite cycle of life real wealth, manifestation of
    Nature, accumulation of all things held up to determine
    The passage sequence of event. The unusual faith,
    Power to cast away fears, surrendering heart to take... more »

  • Mistakes

    The wrong decision suffered
    Painful experience to the whole
    Functioning of life, stages of a different
    System that exist every day journey.... more »

  • More You In My Life

    A day for you hand in hand
    Smile and laughter across my life
    You light the way in time,
    More you in my life.... more »

  • Mother's Prayer

    My mind talking to you God, my tears running down,
    Emotion crying to the deep of my emotion.
    My concern, my children.... more »

  • My Being

    The views of thoughts, knowledge of the mind,
    The whole I am inside out.

    My silence, to talk and listen to God.... more »

  • My Companion

    My intimate associate closely to my heart,
    To talk anytime in all the details of my thoughts,
    To listen to your words and command, to be humble
    Every time uncertain.... more »

  • My Freedom

    My freedom of soul moving, fly to the air,
    Sound mind, ease thoughts.

    My freedom of body to move... more »

  • My God, How Am I Supposed To Live Without You

    My heart, mind, thoughts, emotion, feeling, sense,
    Sight speaks...

    The same thing day by day in life; in the past,... more »

  • My Life I Give Unto You

    In the sunny and coldness of life,
    In happiness and sadness,
    In trials and sufferings.... more »

  • My Love Will See You Through

    In your hopes and dreams, to your goal and
    Desire, to your happiness and love,
    My love will see you through.... more »

  • My Own True Love

    In a long journey of life by the wave water
    Of the sea sailing here and then.
    Blow by strong wind and thunder storm,
    For my life, at last.... more »

  • Ocean

    Enhancing in spirit, peaceable.
    Seeing, staring, emotion full of amusement.
    Mesmerizing the sense, free; flowing.... more »

  • Old In Sin

    An old era of sins in life,
    Cripple state of human nature,
    Self-desire of one individual
    Engage to sinful activities.... more »

  • Only A Journey

    A trip of life in every step of event
    Experience details representation of time.

    A time of life passage of happening... more »

  • Pagod Na Puso (Weary Heart)

    Tila bagang namamatay ang lalim na rurok
    Nang sarili sa pagod nang buhay dahil narin sa mga
    Piniling gawin kahit mali; nagsisisi, pero nawala na ang
    Magagandang pagkakataon upang mabago ang landas nang buhay.... more »

  • Palabra De Honor

    I will never leave you nor forsake you, says the Lord.
    Deuteronomy 31: 6

    The orbit of the earth is dramatically changing in a... more »

  • Passing By The Wind

    The distance between the two individual
    Moving towards into life. The everyday responsibility
    Towards one another in each time.... more »

  • Peaceful Life

    The strength of the mind brings aspect of life.
    Joy is the essence of the completeness of happiness.
    The confident is inside, it is within.
    Action proven, when we achieve what we deserve.... more »

  • Positive Instinct

    An active confident behaviour
    Power comes from insight,
    Aware working mind.... more »

  • Prayer

    Talking, communion, releasing,
    Fellow-shipping, worshiping

    A freedom of soul; senses, heart,... more »

  • Prayer Prayerfully

    Talk to the father in heaven, who rule over all.
    His name is Yahweh, in English Jehovah.
    That he will send his angels to rescue you,
    Invite Jesus Christ to be your savior and... more »

  • Prayer Reaching God In Heaven

    PRAYER #Reaching God in heaven.

    I will answer those who calls me,
    I will rescue those who trust me,... more »

  • Precious Feeling

    It begins to my heart, the scent
    Of my emotion. The thoughts
    Coming to my mind, the silence of time,
    The passion of things given,... more »

  • Pride

    The inside contempt mind of oneself,
    Stubborn proud personality without reasoning in views.

    The pride incurs lost self, lost love and respect.... more »