• A Perfect Connection

    Bring me close
    Hold my hand
    Speak the words
    Only a lover can... more »

  • A Plead For Rescue

    Behind the secure locked doors
    Behind the thick steeled windows
    Behind the high enclosed fences
    Stood a girl- lost... more »

  • Be There

    Be there

    Take my body
    And hold me dear for I shall fall... more »

  • Betrayal Of Sense

    I lost myself in blindness
    My eyelids quivered taking the abuse
    Forming darkness the grip becoming loose
    Fluttering eyelashes as each nerve lands... more »

  • Broken

    A thick blackness shrivels around my mind,

    Encasing an identity, too hard to find
    Trapped deep inside, it decides to hide... more »

  • Cannot Face The Truth, Cannot Hide The Feeling

    One taken chance, one fallen rage
    We shared an eternity we fought in solemnity
    Cannot face the truth, cannot hide the feeling
    Of that hidden passion, boiling lust, building envy... more »

  • Colours Of Abandoning

    Destiny unfolds in shade of blue
    Each leading away from you
    Lost love is our result
    As mixtures of paint turn from favor... more »

  • Come Home With Me

    I see you there standing alone
    So lonely, so broken
    Hollow inside you search
    Search for a guide... more »

  • Desperation For Love

    My heart eager for things unknown
    Unknown but wanted but needed... more »

  • Don'T Leave

    I never wanted it to hurt us
    Never wanted it to be
    Like the way it use to be
    I saw you change... more »

  • Her Extinction

    One eye awoke to a new sight
    A reflection of reality
    There before me, stood a girl drained
    An identity fading into nothing... more »

  • Hope


    Sigh not for there is hope
    Doubt not because it is there... more »

  • Hunter's Punishment

    I'm watching you, like a scared mouse
    Waiting for the next punishment
    I'm hearing your feet pursuing my tracks
    Like a dog's nature of hunting reborn... more »

  • Lost Love

    You’ve been my friend for many years
    My heart and yours connected
    So willingly, so lovingly you gave in
    Your hearts eager for love, for my love... more »

  • Love Lost In Lifes Gain

    Has my heart fell to a distant land?
    A treasure buried deep within the sand
    The reading of a compass shows no sign
    For what’s forgotten is lost in time... more »

  • My Sweet Little Child

    As I watch you dance and play, you say
    “Mummy, will I be a dancer? ”
    And I say..
    “Darling, with your little feet,... more »

  • Name Of Love

    Love me like you loved me back then
    When you kissed me here and there
    Those sweet little kisses in the mornin’
    Those sweet little smiles asking for more... more »

  • Natures Pupose

    Sea sweeps in shades of blue
    Grass sways in shades of green
    Each colour a delicate purpose
    A purpose in which nature... more »

  • Oh, How I'D Like To Travel

    I lie awake each night
    Staring at the ceiling
    Following each crack
    Finding new routes... more »

  • Sea Quatrain

    Down by the seaside
    I watch as wave by wave... more »

  • Seven Whispers

    Seven Whispers pass me by.
    Unknowing, unrevealing,
    The secret, which lies in the whisper of the mind.
    The mind is imaginary, full of trickery and magical places... more »

  • Socks In Love

    Each day I think about you
    As we come together as two
    You were missing the other
    Until I became your lover... more »

  • Take Me Away

    Take me away
    Far way
    Away from water or land
    Away from stars or planets... more »

  • Temptation Awaits

    Temptation Awaits

    Nowhere to breathe... more »

  • The Past's Reflection

    The past is a locked realm,
    A secret burden the mind cages,
    Trapped behind tears of regret,
    Our mind holds the key;... more »